See how some of our clients turned their outdated memories into modern masterpieces.


“My family is originally from Italy and my relatives came to the United States in the early 1900’s. My father inherited some old 8mm family movies, but we had no way to watch them. So, we had them digitized. With copies for every cousin, now everyone in the family can easily reminisce and share our long tradition of good food, wine, dancing and fun.”

Stacy G.
(3rd Generation Italian American)


“After gathering up my dad’s childhood photos and asking around with relatives, my local archiving expert went to work digitizing and producing a video montage to play at his service. They were understanding and highly accommodating, given our short timeline. Planning for a memorial is emotional, but when I saw these photos of my father set to music, I was overwhelmed with appreciation. Such a touching piece that my sisters and I will cherish forever.”

– Elaine Z. and family


“Our parents recently downsized to a small condo, which meant, my siblings and I inherited the boxes of VHS tapes they had been saving. Our dad always had the video camera out. At the time, (as teenagers), we were so annoyed, but as an adult, I’m so thankful that he documented our childhood. At first, the tapes sat around at my house for a couple years, but then I finally decided it was time to digitize them. The process was very simple. My siblings and I split the cost and each received our own thumb drive full of the footage. What a blast these were to watch! I was able to show my own children what I looked and sounded like what I was younger.”

– Kasey, Laura and Brandon


“It was so much fun reliving my glory days as a high school quarterback! And it was even more fun being able to show my own son the footage. Thank you!”

– Randy H.


“About 15 years ago I became the unofficial family historian. My goal was to gather and identify as many family photos as I could. My mother recently moved into an assisted living facility and I knew that I wanted to get this accomplished quickly. So, I worked with my local professional archiver to digitize hundreds of 35mm slides, vintage negatives and old prints. Some of the images were faded so they also enhanced the brightness and contrast as well. The final result was a family history slideshow with titles and music. I couldn’t have tackled this project without the expert help!”

– Dean M.

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We never recommend shipping away family archives, treasured photos and irreplaceable home movies. It’s too risky. 


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