Memories keep us connected, now more than ever

Recently, some of our clients have contacted us to share how much they appreciate having their photo and video memories digitized and accessible during a time when they’ve needed them the most. It’s helped some feel more connected to family during a time of isolation, and others to reminisce over great vacations they’ve taken and anticipate the better times ahead.

It’s moments like these where we pause to appreciate the past and treasure the special people in our lives. We want to hold onto the good times and we do that through photographs and video. If you have children or grandchildren, consider sharing your story with them. Give them digital copies of your most important life events like your wedding day, childhood milestones, hobbies, family portraits and travel. As they get older, they’ll appreciate having that memorabilia so they can say things like “You look a lot like Grandma Phoebe.” to their own children.

Let us help you make the most of your time at home

Whether you’re ready to get serious with the old photo albums stored in your closet, or just want to deal with the chaos of digital photos saved on multiple phones and computers, now might be a great time to get your project going. 

Not sure what you need? No problem, just give us a call or schedule a consultation and we’ll figure it out together.