We bet you have questions before you can start reliving those precious family memories! Below you'll find answers to the most common questions about archiving.


What are the benefits of keeping my project local?

Please visit our page, “Why Local?”

What are the benefits of using one of your expert partners?

Please visit our page, “About.”

How can I get started?

Great question! Start by locating one of our professional archiving partners near you. Contact them by phone or email if you have questions or simply bring your project to the store during business hours. Schedule a more in-depth personal project consultation by phone or in-person, if you’d like, to discuss your project and receive an estimate before you begin. Our partners have been preserving memories for decades and are high-level archivists. They would be happy to make recommendations and help you plan a photo management strategy.

Will you help me preserve my family history?

Absolutely! Each and every archiving project is unique – which is why it’s so important to work with a local business you trust. Schedule a consultation with your local expert and they will review your project, make professional recommendations and provide an estimate.


How long will my project take to complete?

The answer to this question is completely dependent on your specific project needs and the production timeline of our partners. Small projects can generally be accomplished within a week or two, while large scale projects may take a bit longer.

If you are in a hurry for your project to be completed, just ask your local expert to expedite it. They may be able to accommodate quicker turnaround times – especially in the case of a funeral or memorial event.

Will I receive a cost estimate?

Definitely! Each of our partners is independently owned and therefore has individualized pricing for their services. Most partners have a price list they would be happy to share with you.

If you’re working with large amounts of media and materials at once, a partner may ask you to drop them off for a couple of days so that they can accurately assess your project before providing an estimate.

What specific services does my local expert offer?

Our archivers are all local, independent businesses and offer a variety of services in archiving, printing and other photo-related areas. Since each business is unique, please contact them directly to determine which services are currently available. Have something not listed on our site? Call your local provider, as they may know exactly how to work with your rare items too!

What is considered custom work?

Pretty much every archiving project is considered custom. That’s a good thing! We approach every customer project with the intention of providing only the best service and solutions we can. No canned packages, strict parameters or cutting corners here! Check out our Custom Solutions page for examples of project types.

Will you restore or enhance my items?

This will vary by provider and the specific service that you are using. Please work with your local archiver to determine if you would like any level of improvements or optimizations done from simple auto-enhancing to custom restorations and retouching.


Should I prepare my items beforehand?

This depends on you! If you sort your items, you can request that your local archiver keeps them sorted as they are digitizing. Otherwise, many providers offer organizing services and other convenience upgrades. It is not necessary that you remove items from albums or do anything that risks damage to your articles. Our expert archivers will handle your items with extreme care and have methods for tackling even the most seemingly impossible situations!


How do you handle copyrights?

You must have the legal right to copy items that you provide for digitization. Professional images that are provided to you by professional photographers or made available through websites, magazines, books or other resources are protected by copyright and should not be provided without a written release from the owner of the copyright. Your local archiving expert can assist with copyright questions.


How are you doing business differently as a result of COVID-19?

Our archivers are adhering to all city, county and state protocols and national/world guidelines. Your protection and the safety of your items are top priority. If you would prefer a contact-less consultation with your local provider, accommodations can be made for individual appointments, curbside service, pick-up/delivery, shipping, phone calls and virtual video consultations.