Please review.

Partnership Requirements:

  • I offer at least one of the following services: photo scanning, slide scanning, negative scanning, VHS tape transfer, etc.

By participating in the My Local Archiver directory program, I agree to these terms:


  • I will offer clients highly professional service at all times.
  • I will support and positively represent the My Local Archiver brand.


  • I will keep my listing updated with the most recent contact information for my business.
  • It is my responsibility to manage my own listing and keep information updated.
  • I will inform my sales and production teams about this new opportunity.
  • I will update my website with the provided text and My Local Archiver logo to show that I am an approved partner.
  • I will display the My Local Archiver window decal at my business.
  • If I am unable to provide a specific service I will:
    • Never turn a client away
    • Accept the order and outsource to an IPI Supplying Partner or member
    • Be fully transparent with the client that their order will need to be sent out
    • Consider adding that service to my offerings


As part of the My Local Archiver program, we ask that providers work to enhance the following practices to guarantee an over the top, amazing consumer experience, ensure future business and solicit good reviews.

  • Offer cloud file delivery and other cloud management options. (IMPORTANT)
  • Review/update my deliverable media (DVD, thumbdrive, etc.)
  • Add a call to action button for “Schedule a Consultation” or “Call Now” on your website’s archiving page(s). For clients who find you on mobile, this will make it easier to contact you.
  • As an expert and enthusiast, creatively collaborate with clients, providing exceptional and personalized service. You are not just an order taker!
  • Give a personalized thank you note with every project. (Available through IPI)
  • Include a “next steps” insert with every completed project. (Available through IPI)
  • Consider adding premium services such as:
    • Photo organizing (or refer to local provider)
    • Digital file management (file naming, folder naming, tagging, etc.)
    • Sorting and prep services – for a handling fee
    • Personalized and safe pick up + delivery
    • Virtual (online video) consultations
  • Follow My Local Archiver on social media!